Research based tools

One size does not fit all nor when it comes to consulting.

We don’t know the solution before we know enough of the problem. But our experience and approach makes us very quick to identify the problem, and we then use the theory and the tools that best suits your purpose and the organization’s culture.

We have a some research tools that are commercially available directly to our customers.

OCAI - Cultural measurement

OCAI gives you a valuable, valid, visual, quantified profile for your current and preferred culture, in different units or at different levels in your organization.

Implementation Detector®

Implementation Detector® is a research based method for tracking benefits (also soft skills).

TITOC (The Individual in The Organizational Culture)

If you need an indication og the Individual in The Organizational Culture try TITOC™.



Researchers at Aalborg and Aarhus University have developed  OCTAT (Organizational Culture Text Analysis Tool) a text analysis technique that makes it possible to establish a cultural profile of all kinds of documents are part of the organization’s processes.