Culturally-adapted implementation

– for efficient tracking and benefit realization

Exsecutivis International offers assistance in successful, culturally-adapted implementation (e.g. more efficient business processes or improved innovation capability) to enable the better realization of benefits in different organizational cultures.

If you wish to change your present culture, we are also experts in cultural change during strategy implementation. This is supervised by our senior implementation expert, who has more than 20 years of management experience and eight years of research experience in this field.

More effective and efficient culturally-adapted implementation means that management can more rapidly turn their attention to the next steps, without losing the benefits of the previous initiatives. Our solutions will improve your overall organizational change management capabilities for successful implementation and sustainable benefit realization. Besides implementation, we also conduct research within executive governance and cultural change. This provides a basis for guiding you through your strategy implementation and cultural change, manoeuvring around cultural barriers, which is the key to securing sustainable benefits.

We also provides access to our research based method for tracking benefits (also soft skills) by use of our Implementation Detector®. See our research based here.

Our speciality is to make the complex simple and make it work in practice, with your own resources and the tools that are already widespread in your organization. It’s about increasing your own managerial and leadership implementation skills and capacity, so that after a short period, you can obtain faster results on your own, and move the organization to an even higher level of performance – faster.

A lot of effort has been brought to the subject of ensuring benefits of change in processes, organization etc. but still results are tremendously poor.
Through our research Exsecutivis helps businesses solve this paradox, and prove that benefits actually have emerged (also change in behavior and culture).

Cultural change model – © Courant & Exsecutivis (from Cameron, Schein m.fl.)