OCTAT (Organizational Culture Text Analysis Tool)

Based on the Competitive Values ​​Framework (CVF), researchers at Aalborg and Aarhus University have developed a text analysis technique that enables a cultural profile of all kinds of documents included in the organization’s processes, whether it is ISO / IEC 20000 (ITIL) , ISO / IEC 27000 (IT Security), CMMI or all types of internal company documentation.

These profiles can be compared with a culture profile for the organization (Culture Analysis – OCAI) and used to identify cultural challenges and where it can be corrected for better implementation. The analysis is based on stringent research and empirically tested.

OCTAT includes the following:

  • Sparring about relevant text(s) for the analysis.
  • Easily wash text(s).
  • Text Analysis(s).
  • Preparation of CVF cultural graph(s) – per. text and overall.
  • Presentation of result(s).

The price is 4,495.00 DKK (excl. VAT) for analysis of up to 5 texts – after that it costs an additional 500 DKK per text to be analyzed.

In addition, an in-depth text analysis x-OCTAT is offered. OCTAT is currently only available for English text, but a version of Danish text can be implemented on request.

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